Returns & Exchanges

The Short and Sweet

Please be aware that there are no refunds offered for online purchases, at this time. We are happy to exchange/swap a product for a different size, should the size you order not be best suited for you. There are no refunds on products or shipping. If you are uncomfortable with this, we are more than happy to refer to you one of our partner retail boutiques across North America!  

More Specific Details on Returns/Exchanges

Most importantly, we are delighted and honored that you have decided to purchase the Rockwell Tharp Brand! You are working with a company that cares for others and gives back! In order to uphold a good working relationship, a few terms & policies have been implemented. For online orders, Please be aware that there are NO refunds offered, at this time. We are happy to exchange/swap a product for a different size, should the size you order not be best suited for you. There are no refunds on products or shipping. If you are uncomfortable with this, we are more than happy to refer to you one of our partner retail boutiques across the nation.

In the event of an exchange, we will only accept merchandise that is unworn, in its original packaging, that is not used, altered or damaged. Rockwell Tharp merchandise that is intended for exchange must be received by us within 14 days from the date of purchase and authorized in writing by Rockwell Tharp. If product is defective, Rockwell Tharp reserves the right to first attempt to repair the product. If the product can not be repaired, Rockwell Tharp will replace, swap or exchange the product. Customer is aware and agrees that either of these options could take some time, as products may have to be sent back to or ordered from our factories in Europe or South America. Customer agrees to give Rockwell Tharp 8 weeks to make repairs or exchanges; however in many cases they will be much quicker than this. 

Custom ordered products, special orders or products on sale or closeout are NOT eligible for return or exchange. All sales on these items are deemed final. If a product is going to be exchanged, a return authorization is required in writing. When shipping an item back to Rockwell Tharp, we always suggest using a major shipping carrier such as Fed Ex, insuring the product and requiring a tracking number to insure safe delivery receipt. Rockwell Tharp will not be responsible for lost or damaged merchandise by mail carriers. However, Rockwell Tharp will assume responsibility, once item(s) are received and signed for by us or one our representatives to the following address: 

Rockwell Tharp Customer Service 
755 Grand Blvd 
Suite B-105, Unit #217
Miramar Beach, FL. 32550 

Any mistakes or errors occurring from mailing to any other address than the exact one above is the responsibility of you, the client. Rockwell Tharp reserves the right to refuse any merchandise returns that does not meet all of the above requirements. For footwear, we suggest that you try on a clean carpeted surface. Rockwell Tharp will not accept merchandise where the soles have been worn or marked up. Original packaging and boot bags/boxes are required for all returns.  


Due to the unique, hand-crafted nature of your order, in some cases, the product you ordered may be on backorder. Please note that your credit card will be charged in full to initiate your order. Please be patient if what you ordered is on back order. If not already in production, typical production time may be 6-8 weeks, but often sooner. We will communicate to you when the item you ordered is on backorder and give you an estimated delivery time either by phone or email. You agree that if your product is on back order and can not be delivered right away, that this does NOT entitle you to a refund. Please understand our products are exclusive and hand crafted and we are working hard to get you the best, as fast as possible!

Artistic One-of-a-Kind Products

Client understands that many Rockwell Tharp products are hand-crafted and will have some variations and inconsistencies due to the unique hand-crafted nature of our merchandise. These variations do not merit an exchange OR refund. Client also understands that many Rockwell Tharp products are unique, artistic and one-of-a-kind. Client understands that this merchandise will most definitely be different, one from one another. The difference can be great or minor. All differences are considered appropriate and acceptable. No promises can or will be made to you, the client, in respect to consistency of the artistic and one-of-a-kind suite of products. They will all be different and are not intended to be perfect. Client fully understands when ordering artistic products that there will be imperfections and there is no guarantee in any product or any size, of any product to have any specific or usual look. NO refunds OR exchanges will be allowed for items related to artistic merchandise or any items mentioned above. However, Rockwell Tharp wishes to provide you with excellent customer service and will make efforts to please you.  

Cowhide/Calf Hair Products 

Due to the use of natural hides, you understand and agree that these products can and will have different tints, variations and symmetry. Although all products will be very similar, there are variations from one boot to another. Even each individual boot can have some differences from it’s’ mate. Because they are natural hides and hand crafted, we can not control with machined perfection and replicate every pair exactly the same. But, don’t worry, this is one of the many things Ladies LOVE about Rockwell Tharp-Unique, Different, No two exactly alike! But as per our terms and conditions, please understand all of the above do not entitle you to a refund. By completing a purchase, you agree to this and all of the terms and conditions.


Rockwell Tharp does ship Internationally and we have international retail partner stores. However, at this time, due to website security and company security, we are requiring ALL international orders to NOT be processed online, please call us. We require special written authorization and identity confirmation before initiating, completing or shipping international on line orders. We also have a different shipping price that can vary from country to country. We are happy to quote you a shipping cost to your country via Fed Ex. International shipping costs/fees/charges are 100% non-refundable. Any and all exchanges are the sole responsibility of the receiver/client. Client agrees and understands that he/she is also 100% responsible for any and all duties and taxes required by his/her country. Rockwell Tharp will NOT pay for or refund any duties and taxes under any circumstance. There are no exceptions to the above policies. If you have any questions on this, please feel free to contact us and we will happily work through it with you!


All shipping is done through Fed Ex and occassionally USPS. All prices quoted excluding international shipments are made through Fed Ex Ground Services. If you wish for a more expedited shipping, such as overnight or 2Day Express, we may be able to accommodate you. There will be additional charges for expedited shipping. All shipping charges are non-refundable. Unless otherwise stated in writing, you agree that shipping is your responsibility and there will be no refunds offered on any shipping charges in either direction of shipping.  

Now that all of the legal stuff is out of the way, let us now move on to the fun stuff! You are about to be the proud owner of Rockwell Tharp Boots, Apparel, & Handbags! Rockwell Tharp Boots enhance your life and deliver you a fun experience. Make Your Statement!  

Rockwell Tharp 
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