Rockwell Tharp Footwear & Handbags will give you a truly magical experience from the inside out. Rockwell Tharp was formed by the vision of walking by faith, not by sight (II Cor 5:7). Owners & Designers, Kristi Rockwell and Cameron Tharp teamed up in 2009 on the Island of Maui, HI, walking away from their corporate careers, and took the leap of faith to bring unique and globally empowering fashion to Ladies across the Americas. We have never looked back since!

Backed by over 50 years of wholesale experience, Rockwell Tharp has tapped into the hearts of Ladies across the US, Canada, Europe & Australia. At Rockwell Tharp our inner calling inspires us to do right and take full accountability for our actions. With our positive attitude and empathetic understanding, we always strive to deliver an impeccable customer experience. 

At our core, we thrive on exceeding expectations, respect, accountability, positive attitudes and always providing a quality product. We are passionate, confident, caring, honest and dynamic. We love to make Ladies happy. We believe in coloring the World a brighter place, enriching your daily life and helping you make a statement. At Rockwell Tharp, our mission is to change people’s lives, create a more positive self-image and deliver a fun and classy experience. 

Rockwell Tharp Boots & Handbags will enhance your Life! Take the leap of Faith with Us. Join us now!