behind the scenes

One of the most exciting aspects of working for Rockwell Tharp is having the privilege and honor to be able to travel to all corners of the world and hand select the raw materials to make your boots and handbags. Dreaming a design and bringing it to fruition in a step by step process is a tremendous satisfaction! 

We LOVE sharing the Behind the Scenes of how our boots are actually made. You get a sneak peek into our factories, to see the beautiful and precious people that work diligently to ensure we deliver YOU a high quality, hand crafted boot or handbag. We care about the wonderful people that work for us, as well as YOU, the amazing Ladies & Men that continue to wear and love our boots and handbags just as much as we do!

At Rockwell Tharp, we hope that wearing our boots is a magical experience for YOU. We believe it is an experience that will reveal beauty, confidence and passion. Each pair of our boots is as exquisite and beautiful as the Lady or Gentleman wearing them. We embrace passion for life and individuality and we want to share that with you.
Each boot starts as design idea. This is our Childhelp Knee High Boot going from a paper drawing to actually embroidered for the first time.
Kristi Rockwell hand selecting material for our Mont Blanc Knee High Lace Ladies Boot.  
Kristi Rockwell hand selecting the very best quality original Suzani for our Hand Crafted boots.  
Owners Cameron Tharp & Kristi Rockwell personally select the best quality genuine calf hair leather hides.  
Once we have the outer materials for the boot, we then use a form to cut the leather or fabric for each specific style of boot ordered.
Kristi Rockwell searching for the perfect leather prints.
After the leather or fabric is cut, the upper is sewn together, and the soft natural leather lining is sewn to the inside.
Leathers being cut at the factory.
Rockwell Tharp’s custom zippers getting sewn in.
Ladies like having options. At Rockwell Tharp it is our duty to provide you with a variety of options of heels!!!!
The leathers are placed on a moulder, or lasse, of the specific style of boot.
Boot moulders.
All our boots and shoes come with a heel to toe triple comfort custom footpad cushions.
Goodyear welt construction on a Vail Leopard Cowboy Bootie.
All boots from our Calf Hair Collection have custom Rockwell Tharp name plates applied to the heel of the boots.
Ready to make their journey to ladies and boutiques across the world!
Rockwell Tharp Boots, Shoes and Handbags come in easy to carry boot bags or handbag duster bags. Making it easy to travel with your Rockwell Tharp Boots & Handbags!
The Rockwell Tharp design team conducts a thorough quality control inspection of all boots and handbags.

All our Genuine Calf Hair Boots are made in South America with Goodyear welt construction.
Kristi Rockwell showing off special ordered Passion Ranch material with Swarovski crystals!
Rockwell Tharp - Loved by Ladies around the World
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